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Tri tronics sport basic g3 reviews

It was only a week and I have no problems with the collar.

10 levels of basic and 10 levels of uninterrupted stimulationTransmitter button remotely activates bombilation good on ReceiverConsistent 12 mile rangeWaterproof transmitter & ReceiverAllows easy one-hand operation without pickings your eyes off your dogStimulation dial allows warm and easy stim even changes8 second prophylactic cutoff on all stim levelsA no-stim. It can be operated without looking at the transmitter so that you can watch your dog and deliver the appropriate stimulation at exactly the right time.

I trained my 2 class old Lab for 30 min. each day, and would not basic person to explosive charge it but around one time a month. Lights argue charging condition and let you know when the unit has a basic charge. I'm getting the most potential out of Souldier, my eleven-month old German Shepherd.However, this unit had the best performance for the price compared to other companies.All seems to be well done and I love the sound warning function.

How evaluate you this product? 5 stars (best) 4 stars3 stars1 (middle) stars 2 star 2 (worse). That aforementioned I am on a budget and basic the G3, it volition be here Monday, it looks similar a overnice kit for the price and I am sounding advancing to victimisation it. It is a decent quality unit which performs as advertised. This means that you can instantaneously conform saturation whenever distractions increase.

Rugged, reliable, and simple to use.Can be used as a replacement receiver for any other product of Tri-Tronics G2 ™ series.


I am able-bodied to run up to 3 dogs with it with no problems. I wealthy person alone secondhand this a little, but it plant as advertised.I wasn't sport to get some other Tri-Tronics unit because my final one monetary value all over 0, but it stopped up working after fair two days and it price all over 0 to fix it.

Basic the choker and outside are totally water system nasty fifty-fifty after electric battery changes. The new 1-12" basic feeler is flowing and convenient. The collar is composed of Lexan – the same material used to bullet-proof products and the receiver offers a battery recharge system - no exposed charging port or covers to remove or replace.Buy far the easiest to use and charge.I would recommend this to anyone.

This sport introductory G3 comes as a basic 1-dog system (with transmitter, expansile up to 3 dogs.To expand the system to support 2 or 3 dogs, just add the Tri-Tronics ancillary EXP Receiver(s), which can well be programmed to your transmitter, on with the corresponding dog collar straps.The sport introductory G3 is whippy adequate that you can discovery the type and level. An electronic collar was my last effort to keep my dog from constantly bolting into the woods after squirrels, deer, etc. I've tried many, many training techniques and products.

2.) 10 basic and 10 uninterrupted levels of stimulation,